How To Record Any Phone Call On Android

Hi. in this post i’m going to show you how you can record your phone calls on android device. for free and not only normal phone calls but also you can record the calls of skype,viber,whatsapp,hangouts,facebook,imo,line,telegram and more.

The Method Is Quite Simple And Straight So Lets Get Started.

1.Download and install Cube Call Recorder from the playstore or you can download from HERE,

How to Record Any Phone Call on Android

How to Record Any Phone Call on Android

2.Direct After installation open the app now click next and click on Agree. you have to grant the permissions to your device.


3.So that it can record your calls you will need to allow Cube Call Recorder. to access to your contacts , phone , microphone and storage finally click on continue. and pick further it has some features.


4. You can auto start call recording so if you’re calling someone. it will automatically record at the moment you call them you can turn that ON or OFF

5. you can also create a list of people you want to record every conversation with and excludecallers who it is so maybe its someone you call regularly you dont wanted to record ofcourse you can turn that off.


6. It has backup and storage and known depending on where you want to save the calls.

You can also adjust that if you’re paying for premium  if you’re not paying then it is just saved to your phone.


7. In Miscellaneous settings you can also hide the recording widget.


8.Before recording anyone, be sure to check and comply with your local government regulations.
So let me tell you how to do it just dial a phone number. and you will see this recording widget here as shown below,

9.Now its automatically recording what’s going on you can also move this up once you done. with the call hang up and go to Cube ACR on the homepage. you can find the call recording you can easily listen and share your call recording It has a built-in file explorer. for managing the recordings playing them deleting them exporting. to other services or devices and it works with all the messenger/calling apps you can auto record them..


10.If your device is not supported for VoIp calls then just go to app settings -> recording and enable Ignore VoIP support check its extremely easy to setup and recording is quite good.


You can get more call recording features by subscribing. to the premium such as Save in different formats backup and restore pin lock etc.
So Cube Call Recorder lets you easily record your. incoming and outgoing phone calls and VoIp conversations so thats all for now!

Hope you guys enjoyed it share with your friends for more!