How To Enable Dark Mode On Youtube In Android

How To Enable Dark Mode On Youtube In Android

How To Enable Dark Mode On Youtube In Android For Free

Dark Mode Youtube In Android So YouTube just rolled out the Dark Mode for Android users.

Now, iPhone users and browser users on desktop and laptops, PCs and iMacs and all that stuff, you’ve had this for a while, but now, it’s available for Android users, and I’m gonna show you how to turn it on and activate it in this Article. and in case you’re wondering, should you use Dark Mode or not, well, that’s up to you to decide, but I personally have it on all of my devices and my browsers. It’s easier on your eyes, especially if you’re in low light or you’re laying in bed and you’re trying to look at something and you don’t want the bright light from your phone to blast you in the face. Dark Mode is definitely easier on the eyes, and it doesn’t hit you with all of the bright light that the monitors do that help keep you awake at night, and it just looks cool. I love looking at my browsers when they’re dark I like dark phones I like dark colors I’m not a fan of light colors, so, if that’s you, this is something that you’ll definitely wanna check out, as well. Now, if you are using an iPhone, I’m gonna show you how to do this a little bit later in the Article, but first, we’re gonna tackle Android.

Download Youtube Latest Apk

Dark Mode Youtube In Android

Dark Mode Youtube In Android

You need to install the Youtube Latest Version from play store or if you want to download directly then u can download from here,


Enable Darkmode In Android

  • Open up the YouTube app go to the top right and tap on your profile icon.
Dark Mode Youtube In Android

Dark Mode Youtube In Android

  • Go down and tap on Settings.

  • Then, Click on General.

  • And then, on the second option down, you should see a dark theme.

  • You wanna enable that, and that should activate the dark theme inside of your Android Device.

Now, if this does not work for you, it means you haven’t yet cleared out the cache for your old YouTube install.

  • So you wanna go into your Settings

  • Look for your apps or applications

  • And either does a force stop or clear out your cache if you have that option.

  • If that still doesn’t work, simply reboot your phone.

And once you do get it working, go down and leave a comment below Say yes, it worked, or say no, it didn’t work, and then maybe I can help walk you through it and figure out why it’s not working for you. So, go down, leave a comment, and let me know, or, if you have a question, leave a question. I read every question and comment, and I reply to as many of them as I can, and when this Article is over, I’m gonna go down there and carry on this conversation. Now, if you’re using an iPhone and you wanna know how to do this, the process is exactly the same, except you don’t have to download YouTube if you’ve downloaded it recently because this has been working for iOS for quite a while. So, you just follow the exact same steps that I just showed you for Android, and everything should work just fine.